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Termination of Employment Relationship

Employment relationships end, too often, on bad terms and with the legal rights of the parties in dispute. For example, the dispute may revolve around whether the termination was for 'cause' or 'no cause', the determination of which often has significant financial consequences for the parties. At other times, reductions-in-force may impact a number of employees, raising even more complex issues, both legal and practical for management and the affected employees.

Perhaps no setting calls more loudly for legal counsel on both the employer's and employee's side than in the making of termination decisions and in dealing with the consequences of such decisions.

Mr. Feliu's decades of experience makes him expertly qualified to counsel employers and employees on their legal rights in the face of an employment termination. Mr. Feliu has negotiated many hundreds of separation agreements representing both employers and employees, and has counseled employees on how to leave on the most favorable grounds possible when the time to leave has come, and employers on how best to implement involuntary terminations as to best minimize their legal risk. Ms. Myers' broad experience in advising clients on the enforceability of executive compensation terms and restrictive covenants compliments Mr. Feliu's experience and makes them an exceptional team to address the needs of clients facing the end of an employment relationship.

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