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Employment Contract Disputes

The drafting, negotiation, and termination of employment contracts are perhaps the most common circumstances - for both individuals and management - prompting the retention of employment counsel. Employees are well-advised to work with counsel to ensure that they obtain the most favorable terms possible under the circumstances. Employers should turn to counsel to ensure consistency across their workforce, enhance the enforceability of its contracts overall, and obtain an objective assessment of the validity of the contract terms at issue.

Both employers and employees would gain from receiving advice from experienced counsel such as Mr. Feliu and his colleague Rebecca Myers and to do so before entering into the employment relationship. Answers are best obtained at the outset of the relationship with respect to such essential terms as: the enforceability of such key terms as post-termination limitations on employment, change of control provisions, grounds for termination of the employment relationship (such as what constitutes 'cause' or 'good reason' for termination), and the economic terms of the relationship. Mr. Feliu, drawing on his decades of experience representing both employees and employers and his service as an employment arbitrator and mediator, and Ms. Myers, drawing on her extensive experience gained at a prestigious global law firm, are well-situated to provide concrete and balanced answers to clients addressing the drafting, negotiation, or termination of employment contracts.

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