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Wage & Hour Claims

Wage and hour disputes are perhaps the most common legal claims raised in the employment area at this time. The basic laws governing them were drafted decades ago and are often ill-suited for the modern workplace. For example, whether a service-provider is retained as an employee or as an independent contractor will have significant tax and other consequences for both sides and presents significant potential liabilities if the individual is in fact misclassified.

Mr. Feliu has addressed all aspects of federal and state wage and hour laws, whether on an individual or class basis and from all perspectives - on behalf of employees, employers, in auditing wage and hour policies and practices, in deciding wage and hour cases as an arbitrator, or in mediating such disputes as a mediator. Mr. Feliu regularly advises clients on such issues as: minimum wage and overtime pay; exempt and non-exempt status; misclassification of employees; employee versus independent contract status; off-the-clock work; proper wage deductions and payment for unused vacation; meal and break time; payment of commissions, bonuses and deferred compensation and; payment of severance.

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