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Representing Organizations

Complying with the ever-evolving body of employment laws and regulations can be a daunting task and challenge for employers, whether a start up with no legal or human resources team, or a Fortune 500 company. This is especially so as new and complex issues continue to arise and the rights or employees expand. Similarly, commercial disputes often present difficult strategic choices that may serve to dramatically increase or minimize - depending on the decision made -- the legal risk faced by an organization which is simply looking to enhance its business prospects and not its legal costs.

Mr. Feliu and Ms. Myers partner with their employer clients, whether in-house counsel, Human Resources professionals, or management personnel to prevent and resolve employment and commercial disputes wherever possible. Notably, they provide a business-focused approach when counseling both large and small employers on a broad range of compliance issues. For example, Mr. Feliu has extensive experience in the drafting, auditing, and advising on the merits of employer policies and practices and in conducting supervisor and EEO training. Mr. Feliu also brings with him significant experience as a commercial and employment arbitrator in counseling organizations in addressing commercial and contractual disputes as they may arise. Ms. Myers draws upon her long experience counseling large organizations and understands well their needs and goals.

Mr. Feliu also has extensive experience representing - and serving on the boards of - non-profits and brings with him a sensitivity to the special dynamics and needs (financial and otherwise) of those organizations.

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